Electric Motor Driven

GasVantage Rotary Screw VRU

Low Cost. High Reliability. Big Returns.

By meeting all of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations, you are not only capturing the illegal Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s), but you are also able to re-sell the captured gases allowing the Vapor Recovery Unit (VRU) to pay for itself! Featuring our automated precision monitored control system with integrated blanket gas management, these VRU’s are suited to accommodate the tight control needed to maintain the low pressure range of vapor recovery.

  • Low maintenance

  • High reliability
  • Smooth and quiet operation
  • Electric motor driven
    (Class 1 Division 2 Group D)

  • Very effective for handling wet gas

General Information

  • Electric Motor
  • Single Stage, Rotary Screw Compressor
  • Stainless Steel Hoses/Tubing
  • Full Flow Compressor Oil Filter
  • Compressor Oil Thermal By-Pass Valve
  • Compressor Separation Receiver Tank
  • Inlet Gas Scrubber with Filter Element
  • Compressor Oil Cooler
  • Heavy Duty Skid Frame with Environmental Containment Pan
  • Rust Resistant Electrostatic Powder Paint
  • Optional: Enclosure

Digital PLC Control and Instrumentation

Compressor control, monitoring, shutdown and protection for:

  • Low/High Suction Pressure (In/H20)
  • Compressor Discharge Pressure (psig)
  • Compressor Oil Temperature
  • High Scrubber Liquid Level
  • NEMA 3R Starter (Remote Mount Optional*)
  • Automatic Compressor By-pass Controller
  • Optional: Variable Speed

The BOSS® GasVantage Rotary Screw VRU’s allow your tank batteries to comply with EPA Quad O rulings. Our VRU’s are engineered around our rotary screw gas compressor that is simple to install, operate, and maintain!

The VRU compressor is a self contained, electric motor driven rotary screw compressor yet small enough to be versatile/lightweight. Rotary screw compression is ideal for this application because of its ability to effectively handle wet gas. Two asymmetrical lobe profile rotors, turning at conservative speeds in a bath of lubricant, are the only major moving parts. The rotors seal on a lubricated pitchline virtually eliminating wear since there is no rotor contact. In addition, our VRU’s can be engineered to fit your vapor recovery requirements.

The BOSS VRU Eco-Capture Series is leading the way!

Compressor Data

 GasVantage Rotary Screw VRU
TypeSingle Stage, Oil Flooded Rotary Screw
Minimum Discharge Pressure60 psig
Maximum Discharge Pressure190 psig
Fluid Capacity1 gal

Engine / Electrical Data

 GasVantage Rotary Screw VRU
Motor (Inverter Duty)10 HP @ 3550 rpm
Full Load Amps12.0 A
Frequency60 Hz
Motor Efficiency89.5 %

Misc. Product Data

 GasVantage Rotary Screw VRU
Hazardous LocationClass 1 Division 2 Group D
Dimensions30 "W x 75 "L
Weight1300 lbs.

10 HP VRU Direct Drive

wdt_IDSuction Pressure (PSIG)Discharge Pressure (PSIG @ 50 MSCFD)Discharge Pressure (PSIG @ 60 MSCFD)Discharge Pressure (PSIG @ 70 MSCFD)Discharge Pressure (PSIG @ 80 MSCFD)Discharge Pressure (PSIG @ 90 MSCFD)Discharge Pressure (PSIG @ 100 MSCFD)Discharge Pressure (PSIG @ 125 MSCFD)Discharge Pressure (PSIG @ 150 MSCFD)Discharge Pressure (PSIG @ 175 MSCFD)Discharge Pressure (PSIG @ 190 MSCFD)